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406mm Throat variable speed - Scroll Saw

Model: 406mm Throat variable speed
Part Number: SM1302
Watts: 120w

£121.35 ex vat

£145.62 inc vat

330mm Variable Speed - Mini Wood Lathe

Model: 330mm Variable Speed
Part Number: SM1307
Watts: 250W

£198.42 ex vat

£238.10 inc vat

1000mm - Wood Lathe

Model: 1000mm
Part Number: SM1308
Watts: 370W

£217.60 ex vat

£261.12 inc vat

Compound Sliding (305 x25mm) - Mitre Saw

Model: Compound Sliding (305 x25mm)
Part Number: SMS12
Watts: 1800W

£236.60 ex vat

£283.92 inc vat

Contractors Table Saw - 315mm 230V

Model: Contractors Table Saw
Part Number: TS12CZ
Watts: 2000W

£397.17 ex vat

£476.60 inc vat

10-Speed 1100mm Centres - Wood Lathe with stand

Model: 10-Speed 1100mm Centres
Part Number: SM1100
Watts: 550W

£473.40 ex vat

£568.08 inc vat

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